Plan with EQ Plan


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EQ Plan is used in a number of industries by small and large companies that have realized that good planning and the use of efficient planning tools save money, improve the utilization of resources, and makes the company more competive. And it does not have to cost a fortune.

Used in many different industries
  • EQ Plan is installed at, and used by, succesful companies in 13 countries - Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Holland, The Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium – of which most are in based in Scandinavia.
  • EQ Plan is being used in Swedish, English, Danish, Norwegian, Czech, and has built-in support for more langauges. Necessary if your company has production facilities in several countries.
  • EQ Plan is being trusted by companies with turnover from €500.000 to more than €200.000.000
  • With EQ Plan you can plan, and view plans, locally as well as centrally over many production sites /projects.

Industries in which EQ Plan is being used:

  • Boatequipment
  • Chemical
  • Construction - Electrical
  • Construction - Water/Heating
  • Food production
  • IT-Consultants
  • Manufacturing-Automotive
  • Manufacturing-Boats
  • Manufacturing- Electronics
  • Manufacturing -Machinery
  • Manufacturing -Metalworks
  • Manufacturing –Precision instruments
  • Mining / Mineralextraction
  • Plastics / Rubber
  • Printing  - Newspapers/Magazines
  • Transport / Logistics


Bad planning can have unforeseen consequenes........