Plan with EQ Plan


About Timemetrics

We are a Swedish software company with headquarters in Malmö, southern Sweden. We develop and market cutting edge planning solutions - our main product being EQ Plan, the ”first choice” planning tool for companies in 13 countries. With partners in 7 european countries and in the far east we constantly improve our products in order to respond to the challenges our clients face in a competitive world. EQ Plan is used as a stand-alone application or plugged-in to your ERP and MRP applications.

Efficient planning with EQ Plan

Not all our clients choose the same solution, but many have common goals for their planning requirements.

They want to be able to:

 increase efficiency and optimize the utilization of resources
 take and keep control of the planning function
 get a ”birds-eye-view” of the production process over multiple locations / projects
 plan and view locally and centrally
 integrate the planning function with their ERP or MRP systems
 get started quickly without the need for extensive training

EQ Plan from Timemetrics delivers all of the above, and more. Download Productsheet.

We and our partners help you implement cost-effective planning solutions quickly.

We want to make planning easy for everyone!