Plan with EQ Plan


EQ Plan – an interactive tool that visualizes the planning process!

improves order schedulingEQ Plan shows your production workflow graphically. At every moment you can see what impact changes to the plan have on the production process. You get an overview that allows continous fine-tuning of your workflow. In many cases leadtimes and working capital can be reduced, allowing increased flexibility, faster delivery and better profitability. In addition EQ Plan gives you an effective ”safety net”. Should disruptions occur (and in this imperfect world they sometimes do) you can quickly and easily reschedule your production orders.

Production planning is the constant interplay between man and machine. EQ Plan was developed in order to facilitate and enhance that interplay, not to replace the planner. EQ Plan is easy to learn and requires no advanced computer knowledge or experience. The application is suitable for companies of different sizes and can be used in any Windows environment that Microsoft supports.

A ”thinking” wall chart that increases profitability

The classic GANTT wall chart has since long been replaced by computer based planning software, resulting in huge savings in time and improved planning precision. EQ Plan marks yet another step in the evolution of planning systems. The application has a number of functions that makes it an active tool for more efficient planning. The user can for example simulate changes in the production process and evaluate its effects on the workflow, thereby continually analyze the use of resources, identify problem areas and implement improvements.

Screenshot EQ Plan GANTT schedule"All-In-One" toolbox

EQ Plan contains numerous functions that directly influence production orders and delivery times. Updates / refreshs of the plans are fast and simple while giving you full control over the planning function. EQ Plan also gives you the ability to simulate different scenarios while filtering out specific data you want to analyze /highlight further. You will be alerted in plenty of time if deliverytimes risk being jeopardized.

As a standalone application EQ Plan contains all the tables you need in order to give you an outstanding planning tool. If you choose to integrate / plug in EQ Plan to your existing MRP / ERP or business system, the program automatically transfers the needed information to EQ Plan, and gives you an outstanding, cost-effective view of your production schedules / planning process.

Automated functions

Screenshot EQ Plan simple commandsMoving a task or a sequence of tasks is swift thanks to uncomplicated, intuitive commands and drag & drop. Column widths can be adjusted to show plans in more or less detail; focus a few hours ahead or see plans 6 months ahead – all with simple commands in order to facilitate all types of planning. The application is more or less self-instructing. But despite the simplicity and ” automatization” of many vital functions, the user is, as he should be, always in full control.

Simplicity and Ease of Learning

Simplicity is the keyword that best summarizes EQ Plan. You do not need to perform any manual operations or apply your own calculations, and the whole manual to EQ Plan is included in the program. This is what many EQ Plan customers have noted – it is a powerful tool  that is easy to implement, easy to learn and easy to use. If you want more product information, please download our Productsheet Download product sheet in PDF.

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